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What we do

DCI's corporate mandate is to "Engineer the Future Responsibly" which means that all DCI Products and services are designed to promote energy conservation, creation, storage and control, thereby supporting responsible use of available resources. To further support these initiatives, DCI's service based offerings have been designed to enhance security and communications as well as generate additional revenues and utilize the network created by DCI. Further, where possible, DCI maximizes the use of available resources by performing retro fit installations, thereby reducing both the capital requirements for and the environmental impacts to the communities served by DCI.

DCI's ability to uniquely integrate the critical technologies required to effectively deploy next generation intelligent infrastructure makes this possible. By combining our expertise in networking, superior lighting technologies and control software, energy creation and storage and security, DCI can custom design, implement and manage these advanced networks and solutions for municipal, educational as well as commercial clients.

To accomplish this, DCI offers energy efficient products and services designed to reduce energy consumption by 50% or more when evaluating lighting alone, when HVAC and maintenance savings are included the overall savings can reach up to an astounding 156% of the initial energy consumption of the replaced lighting. By integrating these products and services with our innovative communications and device control network, DCI delivers a new level of digital device maintenance and control creating the localized highway for enhanced security, communications, energy management, monitoring and revenue generation services and content delivery. Collectively this is to be marketed as the DCI "Perfect Fixture".

To further support these efforts, DCI has designed a suite of energy creation and storage products as many of the areas and communities we work with are looking for initial or alternative energy sources. DCI's offering works with all sustainable energy generation devices from solar to wind to geothermal to waste conversion and our modular storage containers are the most efficient and cost effective on the market. Each module can be sized from 500kW to 2mW and they can be combined for an unlimited storage capacity. These units are 89% efficient, do not require inverters, have a 15 year life span, require little or no maintenance, have little if any environmental impact (they are not battery based) and cost about 60% - 75% of other units available today. Large scale, back-up and mobile versions are currently under development.

In support of our Federal Governmental sales, DCI Has partnered with AQuate Corporation, an American Indian Tribal (AIT) owned 8(a) organization, as a Partner to provide a sole source contracting vehicle for unrestricted simplified contract acquisition of all DCI products and services. AQuate's ATI 8(a) status allows for non-protestable direct award of up to $20M per year without J&A ($16M higher than regular 8(a)) and no ceiling on awards with J&A. AQuate has significant relationships and contract with the Federal Government around the globe in IT, engineering and technical, business management and logistics areas and DCI will be expanding this list to include lighting, security, device control, communications and energy creation and storage. By working with AQuate, DCI will not be required to participate in GSA scheduling, bids and awards should be single source and non-protestable with contract execution expedited. With current military mandates requiring up to a 50% reduction in power consumption in conjunction with 50% of consumed power coming from sustainable sources, DCI and AQuate are uniquely positioned to provide single a source option that will meet or exceed these mandates as well as help the military meet their ATI 8(a) purchasing quotas.

As most of these types of projects usually require significant capital outlay, DCI is working to remove the financial barriers associated with their deployment by providing unique, little or no money down project financing options, rebate management services and Government certified Section 179d energy reduction tax deduction certification, with the end result leading to reduced budget constraints and better community services.

Additionally, DCI will participate in and give back to each community it is involved with thereby creating a cooperative public/private partnership which becomes the corner stone of future product and services development and deployment. This also reinforces DCI’s role and leadership position in each community and ensures long term growth and viability.

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