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Government Sales

In support of our Federal Governmental sales, DCI Has partnered with AQuate Corporation, an American Indian Tribal (AIT) owned 8(a) organization, as a Partner to provide a sole source contracting vehicle for unrestricted simplified contract acquisition of all DCI products and services. AQuate's ATI 8(a) status allows for non-protestable direct award of up to $20M per year without J&A ($16M higher than regular 8(a)) and no ceiling on awards with J&A. AQuate has significant relationships and contract with the Federal Government around the globe in IT, engineering and technical, business management and logistics areas and DCI will be expanding this list to include lighting, security, device control, communications and energy creation and storage. By working with AQuate, DCI will not be required to participate in GSA scheduling, bids and awards should be single source and non-protestable with contract execution expedited. With current military mandates requiring up to a 50% reduction in power consumption in conjunction with 50% of consumed power coming from sustainable sources, DCI and AQuate are uniquely positioned to provide single a source option that will meet or exceed these mandates as well as help the military meet their ATI 8(a) purchasing quotas.

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